Interested in Becoming a Life Coach?

Create Your Vision


DesireDo you have a desire to expand your creativity, shape your life or profession into what you really want?

Learn – Do you want to learn and experience non-traditional techniques of healing and growth to share with your clients?

GrowDo you want to be part of a growing community of like heart and mind people as you unfold more of your own unique profile to take out and share with others?

Then I invite you to take a look into the new Life Transformation’s Coach Training Program.

This Coach Training is For You if:

  • You feel a desire to tap into and express your creativity but have no idea how to unlock it
  • You want to use your own unique approach and not focus on copying others
  • You want to satisfy your wants, needs and desires, but your known and unknown fears are holding you back
  • Your drawn to one or more of these things, various forms of healing, nature, animals
  • You feel you carry the same old thoughts of not having the skills, not being good enough, others are better, etc.
  • You feel somewhat anxious as if there is something missing in your life

If you answered yes to any of these, this program is what you are ready for! More information is available on the events page.

  • My Signature System Program is helping my clients through a form of horse whispering called Equine Assisted Coaching. This new cutting-edge approach may seem unconventional, but it provides great life breakthrough opportunities to help my clients identify with their true nature. I also train coaches, counselors, healers, equestrians, and therapists how to partner with horses to create transformation for their clients. This is truly a life altering modern approach weaved with ancient traditions that changes human lives.

Meaningful Life is DESIGNED to:

  • Transform the limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt, that hold you back.
  • Help you enhance decision making skills.
  • Help you get clarity and identify with the person you really want to be, or do what you really want to do.
  • Unlock your intuitive potential to help guide you toward your desires and dreams.
  • Help you to be recognized and appreciated, knowing your true value.
  • Help you with attracting your ideal clients to your business.
  • Help you with your money mindset.

Live More. Work Less.

Meaningful Life is located in a secluded country setting nestled in the scenic rolling hills of Wisconsin’s Northern Kettle Moraine. It is the perfect environment for hearts and minds to learn, live, and let go. Experience and take in the fresh air, the tall trees, and the natural sounds as you treat yourself to new fun and friendly connections, human and animal, and generate healthy lasting change.

Recent studies and ancient cultures have shown that being outdoors; working with the wisdom of the land, animal attunement, and instinctual practices alters brain patterns in such a way to create positive and enriched feelings that energizes the whole you. And this is so powerful in helping you with manifesting what you really want when you are feeling stuck!

“Your loving and kind energy creates such a great environment for people to feel safe and open up and gain new insights into themselves – I (we) truly commend you for the great work you do and the healing spirit you pass on.” – Mary, Maryland

“I want to thank you for an amazing day, experience, and love. I was blessed with such a wonderful life lesson. The horses: Oh my lord Jesus-I have no words-mystical, powerful, gentle, funny, loving, accepting….amazing!” – Xiomara, Wisconsin