3 Tips to be More Productive in Life

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I hope you are having fun as you continue into the new year. My daughter sister and I just got back from beautiful Colorado where we celebrated our great aunt’s 100th birthday, which was also a family reunion. We met our relatives from all over the world and shared so many wonderful stories. What a fun and momentous occasion. We also took a road trip up into the majestic Rocky Mountains which gave me a great opportunity to unplug for five consecutive days which was good for my business and my life.  Do you want to know why?

One of the hazards of loving what I do is not taking enough time to play, especially when I am up-leveling my business.

Before the trip to Colorado I had planned to take only two days off, but I made a conscious decision to spend time with my family, my relatives. I stepped away from the normal routine and into “non-business” doings for a full five days. And did that feel good.

We greeted, ate tasty meals, played games, laughed, hiked, shared many bear hugs, and spent tons of time with family.

This time away was one of the best things I could have done for me and my business.

In fact, it brought me more clarity and vision into the direction I am going with my business…which is launching the Equine Assisted Coaching Association that includes an international certification and training program where I train coaches, counselors, healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs on how to partner with horses and create transformation for their clients.

These 3 tips I guarantee will help you if you are looking to get more clarity, have more fun, or bring inner peace.

1. Leave your lap top at home.

Now I know you are thinking there is no way I can live without my lap top, right? In reality, that is one of the best things you can do.  Our brains are constantly overloaded with the world wide web’s information highway, and incoming emails, so it become an addiction.

Research says we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and those are the same thoughts we have on a consistent basis. And when we add more information there is no room for new thoughts to form. How are we to make decisions or take actions if we are suffocated by the old thoughts? How do they gain entry if we do not take the time to quiet the constant chatter in our mind? As a result, we become congested and lose touch with our-self.

You know this is happening especially when you purposely go to other people for answers. When in reality you just need to slow down, take a break, breathe and receive. It really is that simple.

2. Play, play and more play.

One of the words of wisdom that our great 100 year old aunt shared was to find the time to play. She said we need to laugh often and take the time to enjoy each others company. In such a stressed filled and fast past society, many adults have lost their sense of play.

Proverb: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which means those that constantly work become, both bored and boring.

Here again so many people and entrepreneurs are work-driven that they overlook and undervalue play. Before I went on this trip I was spending much more time working than playing. But since I have been back I can honestly say that I have less stress, more creativity, and are able to make faster decisions.

What play does is enables the mind to remain open to explore and imagine a wide range of possibilities when seeking answers to new experiences. It helps us look at who we really are and what we really value. This is why children play so much; they are exploring something that is “unknown.”

I challenge you to make a list of 75 to 100 things that have nothing to do with work. Things that have to do with play. Can you do it, will you do it? If you do not know where to start, ask the people around you what they do, you may be surprised at what they have to say.

Or you can visit The National Institute for Play for a wealth of information and ideas.

3. Prioritize your time – if you don’t somebody else will.

“There are just not enough hours in the day ” is a common phrase I get from my clients, with common things such as, “I have to work,” “my children need my attention, ” “I have house chores and responsibilities, ” “I have to walk the dog,” “I have commitments to family and friends,” “I am involved in my community,” and so on. Which results in feeling overwhelmed on a consistent basis and just can’t get anything done.  Yikes!

Here’s a secret, we each only have 24 hours on any given day. The question is, how will you use it wisely? The answer, prioritize and do what is important.

Start with using a To-Do list: Click here for a daily template. MY DAILY TO-DO LIST

Choose a time each day and stick to it, either the night before or the morning of, and use the To-Do list to help you plan your day.

As you write your to-dos, keep in mind one very important tip to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Do what is Important for you, not what others want from you. So many things may feel so demanding like; I have to check my emails, listen to and answer my voice mails, read and respond to my incoming texts, and so on. And this can become very addictive as it gives us an adrenaline rush. But, in reality the important things you want to get done are put on the back burner, and then nothing gets done.

What is happening is others are asking of your time and your priorities are going unnoticed. Sound familiar?

The first thing to do each day as you write out your to-do list is to put the list in order and note what is important to you. Look at what needs to be done the soonest, and what needs to be done by the end of the day. Identify the most important stuff first and put those at the top that are relative to you. Then do one thing at a time and see it through to completion. After completing what is important, then work on what others want from you.

Keep the list visible where you’re able to use it as a reminder on what needs to get done throughout the day. Check off what you completed and feel the accomplishment, you will feel great!

This is a great start to help you be more productive in your life and your business. I’m sure there are many other tips.

I would love to hear from you and what works for you. Let me know by leaving a comment.






5 Responses to “3 Tips to be More Productive in Life”

  1. Marissa

    Slow down, take a break, breathe and receive. This really resonates with me. After years on the hamster wheel, I feel more productive than ever now taking on these principles. Thank you! x

  2. Jill Greinke

    Sounds like you really had a lovely trip Pam. It is so important that we take a break from our busy, hectic lives and enjoy ourselves.

  3. Teena

    What a fabulous trip you had Pam! Thank you for sharing the richness of your experience and reminding us how important it is to play…to know what we like to do that is playful..and actually taking the time to unplug and do it! I agree that this is essential to our success in all areas of our lives and should be on the TOP of our “to do ” list!


  4. Christine

    Great post, Pam. It’s so true that when you love the work you do it can become all-consuming. You have shared from first hand experience some wonderful tips on how to priortize and build time for yourself into the day. I’m going to bookmark this post and come back to it as a reminder to make time for what is important to me. 🙂


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