4 Simple Tips to Finding Your Life’s Passion

What is passion? According to Webster’s Dictionary Passion is: A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Basically, it is when you put more of the authentic you into what you love to do. One of the clues to finding your passion is to pay attention to an area of your life that you feel very passionate about.

What is your life’s passion, what are you passionate about? What do you really want to do with your life? The answers to these questions will unlock some of the great mysteries of your life; if you are ready to receive them.

No one is going to tell you what your passion is. It’s like walking around every day with a sign on your back that says “tell me who I am.” You must discover it for yourself, from within. It’s also unlikely that one day a Genie will jump out of a bottle with what your life passion is, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t find it at the movies or the gym. Yes, it’s remotely possible that one day you will wake up from a deep dream state and the answers you were looking for are there, but some of the best ways is to follow some of the tips below.


Here are some tips to help you find your Life’s Passion

1. Find a sit spot and ask yourself the tough questions, be honest with yourself. Get to the essence of what really matters to you, what you really enjoy doing. For some people this will be noticing and seeking out the special moments in their life that are genuine, beautiful and true and then building a life around them. For others it may feel like they are looking for something more fulfilling, something they are called to do that is adding value to the world.

In any case, when you go deep and seek out intense introspection it may feel as if your brain is going to get frustrated and explode. Trust me, its well worth the risk. Take the time to ask yourself the bigger questions and listen carefully to your higher wise loving self as well as your heart, you will eventually find the answers that have been trying to get your attention. Your higher wise loving self is that inner little voice that comes from the authentic you. It is the authentic you that always tells you the truth – if you are ready to listen.

2. What comes to you naturally? Ask 3 to 5 family members, or people you can trust, what they see in you that you do well, things that you can’t see; things that they benefit from. What do you think you see in yourself, what gifts and talents do you believe you have? What do you love doing? Do you have an eye for detail, a witty humor, or a love of dancing, are things that you can explore to find what resonates with you…and move forward from there.

3. Notice how you feel, this is so important. When you are doing something, place your attention into your body and take the time to really notice how your body feels. When you are in alignment with what feels right to you, your body will feel good. If you are out of alignment your body will not feel good. Some good feelings are you may feel alive and energized, filled with motivation and joy. If you are not feeling these things in your body it is a clue that you are not on the right track.

4. Take action today, not tomorrow, but today. Once you feel you are on the right track and in alignment, or close to it, it is time for action. You need to do something different, remove yourself from the deep analyzing or rethinking until it feels perfect. Or you will get stuck, become stagnant, and not make any changes. Leaving your comfort zone, taking risks, not knowing what you are doing, is where you will receive your answers. And this can be so exciting!

You may be asking yourself, “How do I start.” It is by taking small steps, very small steps. What is one thing you can do today that can help you reach your goals? Pick up the phone and talk to someone who inspires you, read an article, do some research. They key is to take action in small steps. Then at the end of each day keep notes of what you did, what you learned, enjoyed, was inspired by.

Begin today to believe in the incredible possibilities for your life. Take time to grow, to ask the tough questions, talk to others, notice how you feel, and take action today. It is up to you!

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a passion- what is it? How did you discover it?


7 Responses to “4 Simple Tips to Finding Your Life’s Passion”

  1. Cher


    Thank you for these practical tips on finding our passion. Taking small steps while we are connected is key in my opinion.

    Cher Gunderson

  2. Tina M. Games (@MoonlightMuse)

    Many thanks for this great list of practical tips, Pam! ~ I’m currently in the midst of some “midlife soul-searching” – having turned 50 just two months ago. I’ve been asking myself similar questions – and noticing. ~ What do I want in this next phase of life? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? ~ Your post is quite timely! 🙂

  3. Mateja

    Great topic! I encourage my clients to follow their passion. I liked your practical exercises as well and use similar in my clinical practice. I use hypnosis to elicit some pleasant memories from childhood in order to get in touch with one’s inner child.

  4. Teena

    Pam – Your post is illuminated with your passion to share such gentle wisdom and guidance! I’m one of those people who have a lot of passions, which is not an excuse for not having one – but it can actually be an distraction from going deep into the epicenter of what it is that truly lights me up inside! Taking small steps, very small steps to be specific – is just perfect for me to hear right now because I am like a frog – I take a lot of leaps!


  5. Wendi

    Great blog post. Wow, this would be a totally different world if everyone tuned in and got in touch with their passion.
    Thanks for the awesome reminder, Pam!

  6. Kailean Welsh

    This is such an important question. I spent so much of my life doing what I was “supposed to,” that I really lost sight of my passion. Your tips are really helpful for reconnecting and rediscovering what gives us purpose and joy. Thanks!


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