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Do You Love Your Profession?

Do you feel a sense of autonomy and purpose with your profession? Did your profession bring you a sense of satisfaction at one time, but now you are feeling as if you lost that and are looking for something else? You may be feeling unfulfilled and experiencing dissatisfaction in your profession. You may be looking… Read more »


Open Yourself to a More Fulfilling Life

Every morning before I start my day, I give gratitude and think about how I can bring more compassion into this shifting new world. Instead of going for messages on my phone or my computer as the first activity of the day, I purposely give thanks for what I have in my life, and then… Read more »


5 Simple Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Your Life

The modern world is becoming more hectic, fast-paced, chaotic, and confusing – many are questioning how they live their lives. There has been a new movement where people want healthy positive change and are looking to find deeper meaning in everyday life. Personal-development and authentic emotional connections are emerging as a way to find deeper… Read more »