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Do You Love Your Profession?

Do you feel a sense of autonomy and purpose with your profession? Did your profession bring you a sense of satisfaction at one time, but now you are feeling as if you lost that and are looking for something else? You may be feeling unfulfilled and experiencing dissatisfaction in your profession. You may be looking… Read more »


Looking For Your Life Purpose

Do you feel as if you are living a life where you are just putting in the time and your life is on constant overload? Do you feel restless or confused and know there has to be something more? Are you to the point you want to do something different but do not know what… Read more »


Finding More Joy

When I worked in the corporate world I never thought or dreamed I would imagine where I am today, coaching and counseling people all over the world, by telephone and in person, holding sessions, workshops, classes and retreats, This is not a job for me, it’s my passion, as was played out in a Joy… Read more »