Imagine this happening, you are standing in a big beautiful meadow field and are surrounded by a herd of gentle grazing horses. The birds are singing, the wind is softly flowing, and you realize you are in a different world. One of them is attracted to you and walks slowly up to greet you; he places his soft muzzle into your open hand and asks you, “Will you be my friend?” You immediately feel a strong connection that is forming and want to get to know more about this creature that is pulling you in.

This is what my clients experience when they enter into a horse’s world. It is a magical place where the shields are lowered and your child like curiosity emerges, no agenda, no strings, just pure bliss.

After clients leave, they wish they could come back. And many do.

Clients also may experience a reflective equine coaching session in an enclosed round pen. Inside this container the horse by nature, wants you to be your true-self. This means no masks, no hiding, and no lies. As you learn how to respond to this request you will start to focus on your dormant voice within, the truth, which provides a great opportunity for you to look at old patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a life you really want.

Horses are master healers and teachers that help you release old stories from the past and reconnect you to your inner path for the future. By nature they are highly sensitive, have super sensitive perception, and respond to your body language, muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure, and more than anything your energetic flow. Because of this you get results in a shorter period of time.

What Can Equine Assisted Coaching Do For You?

  • Creates the breakthroughs, information you are not aware of that shows up from a subconscious level.
  • Provides a natural state which opens the door for you to relax and gain clarity about what you really want.
  • Naturally engages your five senses of touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell and a sixth sense of an energetic feel, which helps you find the answers you are looking for.
  • Provides reflection into your state of being, the type of mood and energy you are projecting and how that shows up in the world
  • Teaches you how to trust yourself and your intuition.
  • Provides a temporary break from internal turmoil which helps clear the mind allowing for inspiration to flow in.
  • Teaches you how to become aware of your communication and leadership style in action, and how that relates to others

* If you are not feeling comfortable through coaching with a horse and fear is getting in the way, all horse communication takes place safely from the ground; no riding involved and no horse experience is needed.

“It is with great pleasure that I would like to share with you that my thesis  research was a total success. In fact it was off the charts literally – Dr. Cooley,  the statistics professor/expert ran every kind of stats to confirm that it was the interaction with your horses that helped our participants with their self-discovery. I am in shock, not that I proved my hypothesis but at how significant the results are.” – Master of Arts Student Research Project Participant – Milwaukee, WI

Half-Day or Full-Day Equine Intensive Individual or Group

  • An in-depth highly focused experience
  • Pre-work questionnaire; to help meet your goals/objectives prior to the intensive.
  •  By choice – pictures from your session
  • Follow-up sessions and integration by phone or email to support you with what you learned
  •  If coming from outside of the area, hotel recommendations

“Little did I know or realize how much I would learn about myself, I learned that the horse will mirror a person’s true self, including the deepest darkest parts of ourselves that we hide deep within. Pam was able to awaken me to that fact.”

We were in a round pen and Pam asked me to use my body and energy to lunge Dan (one of her horses). I wanted to use a halter or say something, but was not able to; I had only my body and my energy to work with causing me to rely on my creativity.

How simple I thought to myself, as I attempted to move Dan with purpose, “move forward”, but he promptly dropped to his knees and rolled. I waited for him to finish. He got up, I moved toward him again, thinking, “Dan, move forward”. He rolled again; he could care less that I was there.”

I finally projected all my thoughts toward him, “DAN MOVE FORWARD”, and he finally did, at a walk, reluctantly. I was not comfortable; I could NOT get this horse to do what I wanted with just my body, my energy. This is NOT what I expected, it should have been easy for me, I wanted to use the props!

What did I learn about myself? I need my props, my clothes, my bags, my shoes, my makeup to interact with others; they are my barriers, my mask to protect myself from others.”  – Workshop Participant, Wisconsin


Equine Assisted Coach Certification Training Program

Partner with Horses – Create Transformation for Your Clients

Whether you are a Horse Lover, Healer, Coach or Therapist this is a unique program that teaches the skills that are needed for Equine-Assisted Coaching. Adding this in demand modality will help you to help your clients move into expressing more freedom and joy – creating a life they really want.

Do You Feel…

  • You have a calling to partner with horses to help others find their way?
  • You have a passion for helping to promote empowerment and positive emotional well-being in others through coaching with horses?
  • You are looking for more purpose and joy in your life?
  • You are drawn to animals, nature, or creativity?
  • You are looking for training tools, a proven step by step system and experience?
  • Even if you’ve accomplished a great deal in your life, you need something more to satisfy your soul.

You will learn the skill set, and the necessary tools to become an effective facilitator of Equine Assisted Coaching and have the skill set to begin offering Equine Assisted Coaching to your clientele.

The certification training course begins with live teleclasses, where you participate and listen from the comfort of your home. This helps you to prepare for developing your Equine Assisted Coaching skills as well as learning some of skills that are needed for working with our equine friends. You will also attend a live on-site Equine Assisted Coach Training where you will coach and be coached alongside your equine partner. The Equine Assisted Coach Training is now offered through the Equine Assisted Coaching Association

Contact us for information and additional details.