How Do I Create a Juicy Joyful Life?

DSC07633It starts with making a DECISION!

For most of us there is a part of us that longs for approval and wants permission from others. Throughout life this is part of being human that will never be fully satisfied. It is a natural state to feel the need to belong to the whole.

That is part of who we are individually and collectively.

At some point you have to accept this and just say, without their approval…Who do I really want to be,” or “What do I really want to do”.  And it starts for me…now.

What usually happens when people are in transformation is they have a tendency to go back into their conditioned self, their limiting beliefs, old mindsets, fears and self-doubts, then say things like “I’m not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, like others do.”

I know EXACTLY what that feels like!

But once you make a decision and commit to go for who you really want to be, or do what you really want to do with your personal or professional life, no matter how much stuff comes up, things really do change.

Instead of giving your power away and getting approval from others, use the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Its Not your voice

Recognize and become aware that all of the recommendations, all of the you need to be doing this and you need to be doing that, are other people’s and society’s voice.  We can’t avoid picking up and being persuaded by other people’s and society’s stuff, its human nature.  Their beliefs and mindsets are handed to you starting the second you were born and will show up for years in your life, and without every questioning it, every time you try to take a step into creating a juicy joyful life.

So to help you through this process, know that this is a normal step in creating a juicy joyful life. Work with someone who can support you in releasing negative stuff from the past to help you navigate other people’s voices and help you move through the fear and self-doubt. This is a requirement to help you create a juicy joyful life.

Step 2: Surround yourself with support

One of the fastest ways to live a juicy joyful life is to get support. You can do this on your own, but you will be using up one of the biggest personal commodities in life, ‘Time.’

For years I tried to do it on my own only to learn that there was a much faster and less frustrating way. After I got support, I saved a ton of precious time.

When you get support, you are investing in yourself, thus saving time, avoiding sleepless nights and working through the limiting beliefs and heavy frustrations. You will get to the place you want to be or do what you really want to do, with support so much faster. When you work with someone who has walked a similar path, they can save you thousands of hours of needless frustration, and feeling alone.

You can work with someone who will gently hold you accountable and let you hold yourself to anything less than the powerful person you truly are. When you work with a mentor of life coach, they will see you for who you really are, when you cannot see it yourself.

This is why it is so important to get help and support to creating a juicy joyful life or you will still be in the same place where you started.  And if you are saying there is no one you can go to, find them; they are just waiting for you!

Step 3: Create healthy boundaries

Limit your exposure to negativity, people and media that are generally negative. Avoid people and the media that will challenge you and your ideas, that live in constant chaos and old stories.  Rather surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people, who are growth oriented and on a growth path to fulfilling their desires. Turn off the TV and instead seek out and attend positive group gatherings, organizations, personal development workshops, networking groups, etc.

If you cannot limit your exposure to negative people, try not to get overwhelmed in them unconsciously pulling you down. But rather continue to personally develop and be an example for them.  Have genuine compassion for them and at the same time create healthy clear boundaries.

Step 4: Take the leap despite the fears and self-doubt

When you work through the fear and self-doubt, and get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, decide to make a decision to say YES toward creating a juicy joyful life.  Declare that you are going to take ownership, and start to take action.

Work with the mentor or life coach. Go to the workshop or event. Reach out to that supportive person or group. Stop following the ‘rules’ and playing it ‘safe.’  Step into the suit of being who you really are without worrying what others will think.  When you are feeling uncomfortable, reach out to your support system you have in place.

Step 5: Celebrate your success, accomplishments and wins

Celebrate your successes, accomplishments and wins on a daily basis, ‘small steps’ are really ‘big steps’ toward creating a juicy joyful life. Taking ‘small steps’ creates incredible momentum.  Saying YES to your desires consistently is a practice, one that creates incredible momentum. Small ‘yeses’ count – celebrate them all!

Keep a daily journal of your successes, etc. Make a note of what you did and how you felt. Doing this will help you to:

  • End your day on a positive note
  • Start the next day with a positive mindset
  • Become aware of what you did accomplish, giving yourself credit
  • Create a positive habit for yourself
  • Create an accumulative effect over time
  • Build upon positive reflections

So make the DECISION and say YES to follow through, no matter what you want to be or what you really want to do, and start creating a juicy joyful life!


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