Sara Oostburg Park “Pam helped me brand my business and gave me great ideas as to what was important on my marketing materials. She encouraged me to allow my authentic self to come through and was patient and understanding with my situation. She is extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about seeing others succeed. I will be forever grateful for her help with getting my business off the ground.”


– Sara Walsh, LMT Licensed Massage Therapist

– Business: From Heart to Hands Massage Therapy –

  • Thank you all for such a terrific day and wonderful experience. We all received so much from it and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. With warmest thoughts and gratitude for all you are and what you do.” – Participant, Wisconsin
  • “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to increase our sister bond forever. It was a workshop like none other anywhere”! – Marlene, Illinois
  •  “Thank you for an inspiring and peaceful journey yesterday. The day was not what I expected and it was so much more than I could conjure up in my mind. I am fascinated with Native American Culture and wisdom. It was fun to have been part of that. You are all very special and loving. I am glad we met.” – Linda, Wisconsin
  • “Your loving and kind energy creates such a great environment for people to feel safe enough to open up and gain new insights into themselves. I truly commend you for the great work you do and the healing spirit you pass on.” – Beth, Maryland
  • “What did I learn about myself? I need my props, my clothes, my bags, my shoes, my makeup to interact with others; they are my barriers, my mask to protect myself from others.” – Kim, Wisconsin
  • “I want to thank you for an amazing day, experience, and love. I was blessed with such a wonderful life lesson. Every one of the women who participated has been touched in ways that they did not even think could be possible. The horses: Oh my lord Jesus – I have no words – mystical, powerful, gentle, funny, loving, accepting…amazing!” – Xiomara, Wisconsin
  • “Thank you for the tranquil and spirit-filled day! Being with the horses was so awesome for me – animals touch my heart so deeply, so to be among your horses was like heaven to me, thanks again for everything.” – JoAnn, Wisconsin
  • “I felt empowered and enlightened and really love the horses, and the fresh air, and beautiful scenery. I feel I can let go and move on with some things. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. It was fun and educational and uplifting all at the same time.” – Linda, Wisconsin
  • “Pam and Diane, you both made me feel so comfortable and were such a pleasure to spend the day with.” – Dawn, Illinois