Is it Time to Start Living Your Right Life?

Recently I gave a presentation at the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce Deep Dive networking group and this is what I told them…

I’d like to tell you a story of how I got to where I am today, helping people create a life and/or business they love. Without boring you with the details I will give you some tidbits of my life. As a young child, I lived in the countryside with nature and animals, always looking forward to coming home from school, especially middle school where I was bullied. It seems as if bullying is such a normal and accepted occurrence even in today’s schools, we are much more aware of it, but it still exists today. I got married because that is what society expected of me. I raised two beautiful children while earning college degrees and then eventually entered the corporate world. I was always under such immense stress while working and always questioned why my life had to be so hard.


I’d like to take you on a journey now, a drive, so please join me with this story. Imagine yourself driving home from work on a snowy cold day in the middle of December; it is pushing 5 o’clock early evening and by this time it is very dark outside, you just want to get home where it is warm and cozy, where you can spend time with your family and recover from your fast paced job. The road you are traveling is made of black top and is snow covered, it is a winding road that meanders through some small remote villages. As you are driving to your home nestled in the beautiful countryside you see a set of oncoming car lights.

Now, you lift your head up and see the roof of your vehicle only inches from the front of your face. Then you notice and feel glass everywhere inside your vehicle, on and around you, it is in the crevices of your body, in your ears, in your hair and stuck in your skull, inside your clothes, and then you realize your shoes are off. And while you are taking notice of what is around you your brain cannot comprehend anything, it is as if you are in a very deep fog. Your body and mind are completely in shock.

Then you hear a voice, it’s a man’s voice, you notice he is standing next to your driver’s side door and is saying something. You look toward him and try to talk, you can hear him saying “Mam, are you OK.”  You then are able to roll your window down just a little bit and then he says, “An ambulance is on its way…a car hit a deer and the deer flew up and then hit the roof of your car.”

I share this story with you as this horrifying accident actually happened to me. I was in recovery for more than six months healing from a head concussion; I was knocked out from the roof of the car hitting my head while I was traveling on the country road to my home. I had a very bad sprained ankle, contusions, cuts on my skull from the shattered glass, and a slight compressed vertebrae in my lower back.  Witnesses report I was like a daredevil as my car left the road, flew through the air landing back on the ground and traveling the distance of two football fields. My car came to a rest in a farmer’s field, can you image the show I put on.

To this day, I still do not know who that man was that was standing next to my window and consoling me, I consider him a guardian angel. I was in SO much pain, I was SO cold, I was SO scared…as the jaws of life was cutting the door off my vehicle so the paramedics and sheriff cold gain access to me. I am SO lucky to be alive…as this experience could have been much worse. “I could be dead.”

It is reported by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that on average there are 17,235 deer hits, 10 fatalities and 449 injuries per year. I was one of those numbers ten years ago, and I am still here and able to talk about it.

As I was in recovery, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life, and what is truly important.  And this is when I started to listen to my internal wise voice so much more.  A voice that said:

-You deserve more happiness.

-You deserve to live a life that you truly want and love.

-You are capable of doing so much more.

-Don’t let the fear and self-doubt control your life.

And over time, this particular voice kept getting louder and stronger, and it was the voice of fear, of NOT living my right life, of looking back and saying to myself, “I wish I would have taken a chance to find or do what I really wanted.” Research shows that one of the top regrets older people look back over with their lives is, “I wish I’d had he courage to life a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Over time, I started to invest in myself more and more and focused on what I truly want. To truly make the choices to live a much more fulfilling, meaningful, and right life.

This accident was a huge catalyst that helped bring me in overcoming the fear and self-doubt that was holding me back. It brought me to where I am today…doing what I love…which is helping people create a life and/or business they love.

What is it about an accident or a horrific event that propels people into making a life change? Is it a brush with death, knowing that our life can be taken away at any moment? Is it a deeper level knowing that life is so precious and we have an inner calling to be so much more? All that I know is that I looked at my life differently.

I am here to share that you do not have to wait for an accident like this, or some sort of a catalyst, to help you make a wanted change in your life.  You can overcome fear and self-doubt. I want you to get inspired, to get motivated, and to create a life and/or business you love too. You just need to listen more to that inner wise voice, that voice that has been talking to you all along, as you can:

-Live with more happiness.

-Life a life that you truly want and love.

So take that first step to create what you really want, you can do it!

I would love to hear from you…

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10 Responses to “Is it Time to Start Living Your Right Life?”

  1. Bonnie Nussbaum

    Wow! What a fantastic story of guidance, illumination, and change, Pam. Keep sharing your amazing story and your amazing self with others so they, too, can release what doesn’t serve them and become happier people.

  2. Mateja

    Powerful! Thanks for sharing. I had a car accident when I was 3 years old and this really traumatized me so much that I didn’t learn to drive until I was 35 and then I had another car accident when I was just driving for are you. I am glad that you worked through this.

  3. Christine

    We are blessed you are still here, Pam and sharing your amazing gifts with others who need healing. I know your message will be heard by those meant to hear it and meant to work with you. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt story.

  4. Cher Gunderson

    Pam, what a strong story teller you are, especially in this personal event you describe with detail taking us back with you. How lovely it is that you are taking this memory/event/experience and using it to serve others and yourself. I’m excited for all the guidance you are giving to your clients and those to yet find you 🙂

    To your fortitude,

    Cher Gunderson

  5. Veronica

    Thank you for sharing your journey! Life handed you an opportunity to think and make new choices and you followed your spirit – so wonderful! I believe it is our personal stories which bring us to a place where we help ourselves and others. No doubt you have many gifts.

  6. Kailean Welsh

    Oh, the events that prompt us to take our life in a different direction. Talk about the cosmic “2×4”! What a traumatic experience for you, that you were able to pull together, heal from, and use for your own transformation. You have a powerful story of hope and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tina M. Games (@MoonlightMuse)

    Wow, this is powerful, Pam! ~ It’s what I would call a “pivotal life moment” – a life experience that catapults you in a whole new direction. Sometimes, “pivotal life moments” are intentionally chosen – but many times, they’re not. It’s the universe’s way of putting us on the right track when we’re unable to do it ourselves. ~ Good for you – for seeing the gifts that came out of your “pivotal life moment” – and for sharing those gifts with others! 🙂


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