Risk Taking Comes With Great Opportunities

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“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other  people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  – Nelson Mandela






If you want to achieve the life you really want, you’ll have to start taking calculated risks. It is absolutely necessary to take chances to achieve anything fulfilling in life, however so many people are so scared to take the initial leap.

Why, there is a deep seated fear of losing something…

As with any risk, there is always a possibility of some type of loss. In most instances, when it comes to taking a chance, you stand to lose something such as money, a familiar life style, friendships and your reputation. However, these are also the very same things you stand to gain!

The benefits of taking risks will provide great opportunities you never thought of, it will enrich your life making it much more meaningful and rewarding.

For example, I worked in the corporate world for close to 20 years before deciding to take my leap of faith to start a business. I started with looking at what my true passions are and what I loved doing. I invested in myself by going back to school, taking personal development workshops, and getting the support from a life and business coach, someone that also took the leap of faith and is where I wanted to be.

After a few years of schooling, investing in myself and taking calculated risks, I utilized what I learned, took my new found skills as well as my life experience working in the corporate world, and translated them into building a successful business for myself.

It was so scary launching my two businesses, Meaningful Life, LLC and then 5 years later the Equine Assisted Coaching Association. Leaving the corporate world to do this was the biggest risk I have ever taken. I was so terrified and worried about where the income and clients would come from.

However, after being in business and starting out part-time, I remained working in the corporate world. I attracted multiple clients and contacts resulting in gong from part-time to full-time. Eventually I left the corporate world and I am SO much happier and experiencing life on a whole new level.


  1. Taking risks and facing the fears propels  you into getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. You can’t pick what to be uncomfortable with as you open up to new challenges and opportunities. Commit to learning a new skill, such as public speaking, as you  can only grow once you have worked through those fears that are holding you back. If you do not address and work through what you are afraid of, you will stay where you are. So when you decide to take a calculated risk, you are going to beat what you fear the most, you begin to shine and do the things you love.
  2. Taking risks creates the opportunities for you to learn new things about yourself and erase old limiting beliefs that hold you back. You begin to release the conditioning and the limiting patterns from the past. You establish a brand new fresh outlook on your life, resulting in an ability to move to the next level.
  3. Taking risks causes you to become much more creative. When you take a chance and do not play it safe, avoid the excuse approach to making the change, your natural problem-solving skills kick in and you’re open to new ideas. You are willing to try something different.
  4. Taking risks sets you up to get crystal clear on defining what you really want. It pushes you, especially when you are totally committed enough to take a chance, to make things work. And if you should fail, it is not failure, but only feedback that you need to adjust something, then move forward again.
  5. Once you become comfortable at getting uncomfortable with taking risks, you are free from playing it safe. From thinking and following all of the rules, other people’s well intended expectations, and an average way of thinking and living. On the other side of staying safe and following the rules are the opportunities and growth in building your self-confidence an “I can do it” attitude, thus letting nothing stop you. You feel stronger and are an inspiration to others.

Taking risks is so scary, but by taking chances you also open yourself to something big on the other side.

Ask yourself if you want to live a life that bores you, that has no dynamics or color, or do you want a life of your true desires, that is filled with more meaning, abundance and richness.

Do your research and start with a trail run, such as public speaking. Choose a topic and venue with your speech and see how you handle what you are thinking and feeling. Talk to others who have taken risks, how did the do? What mistakes did they make? What did they do right?

Instead of playing it safe, take a risk and follow your heart, your gut while you still have a chance. Go for it, or you will regret never knowing what opportunities may have fallen right into your path.

I challenge you to take a risk and schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me.  Where I can get to know more about what you are looking for and how my counseling and coaching services may be of help to you.

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  1. Tina Games

    I’ve become a lover of risk-taking, both calculated risks and gambled risks. I always make a conscious effort to challenge myself by taking actions that move me beyond my comfort zone. ~ I made a promise to myself 13 years ago, when I was pregnant with my second child, that if I was ever on the fence about something, I would just do it. I figure if I’m contemplating it enough to put me on the fence, I might as well go over it. ~ And while some things may not work as intended, at least I know I tried. The good news is – many times, things turn out better than expected! 🙂


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